About us

 The Italian Baseball Softball Federation is the first Federation that inaugurates its own Honour Club by issuing its Official Tokens. 
Andrea Marcon, President

About us


Fibs Honour Club registers people and organizations that support the Federation with their name and with their contribution.

All profits coming from the registration of the Members to the Honour Club are redistributed by the Italian Baseball Softball Federation in the interest of the development of its institutional activities.

An Official Token is issued to each Member of the Honour Club: digital, original and nominative. The Token is registered and authenticated on an encrypted ledger, that certifies the registration to the Blue Roster.

A specific newsletter periodically updates all the Subscribers on the Honour Club’s projects and benefits, reserved for registered people and organizations.

The Italian Baseball Softball Federation (Fibs), founded in 1948, is a federation affiliated with Coni. Fibs is responsible for the management, coordination and promotion of all official activities in the field of sports of Baseball and Softball in Italy.
Fibs aims to:
- promote the activity of Baseball and Softball, sports disciplines that can ignite the same passion in people of different ages, gender and nationality and stimulate the participation of athletes and fans, media and sponsors;
- spread sports disciplines as a tool to promote the spirit of adventure against war, the diffusion of positive messages such as the overcoming of differences, meet new people and friends through competitions and commit to peace for individual and society;
- promote inclusion and eliminate all forms of social discrimination, racism, xenophobia and violence.

This website, the registration services and the Tokens issuing are managed by Marketing Network Milano Srl, a professional services company of I&B - Innova et Bella group, on direct behalf of Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball.


 Fibs launches the Special Limited Edition of its Official Token, created for its Honour Club, called “SARONNO SOFTBALL CAMPIONE D’ITALIA 2022”.
 Fibs launches the Special Limited Edition of its Official Token “SAN MARINO BASEBALL CAMPIONE D’ITALIA 2022”.
 Fibs is the first Sport Federation in Italy and in the world to open its own Honour Club to people and companies, by issuing new generation non-fungible Tokens.


Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball 10/07/2022
 The first hystorical title of Inox Team Saronno celebrated by a new Special Edition of FIBS’ NFT
Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball 09/21/2022
 FIBS launches the Special Limited Edition of its Official Token “San Marino Italian Champion 2022”
Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball 06/20/2022
 FIBS presents its Blue Roster Honor Club NFT
Tutto Baseball 06/20/2022
 Baseball/Softball: La FIBS è la prima Federazione Sportiva a rilasciare i propri NFT
We The Italians 06/21/2022
 FIBS presents its Blue Roster Honor Club NFT